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Introduction to Open Dialogue in Eugene Oregon

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, from 2 to 3:30 PM, the Opal Network will feature an Introduction to Open Dialogue Treatment, presented by Ron Unger.

Location:  Tykeson Room, Eugene Public Library, Eugene Oregon.

1.25 NASW CEU’s available for this event

Poster available here

Open Dialogue Treatment is a method for helping people who have been diagnosed with psychosis, which has been found to be especially effective when used early in a crisis. 

Open Dialogue treatment

·         Has the best reported recovery rates for people diagnosed with psychosis

·         Usually uses no antipsychotic drugs

·         Involves consumers & families in all key decisions

·         Offers immediate, flexible and individualized help

·         Values a diversity of voices & perspectives

If psychosis was really the result of a simple “biochemical imbalance” or a genetic problem or brain disease, then it would be impossible to get the world’s best improvement rates just by having people get together and talk!  But in northern Finland, home of Open Dialogue treatment, this “impossibility” has become normal.  People having their first psychotic experiences are immediately invited to attend meetings with families, friends, and various professionals, where the emphasis is on hearing everyone’s point of view, especially those perspectives for which it is difficult to find words.  In most cases, problems are resolved without any use of antipsychotic medications.

How does this work, and what does this tell us about the nature of madness?  What does it tell us about how mental health treatment should change here in the US?  Ron Unger recently attended the first ever workshop on Open Dialogue in the United States, and he will share his observations.  Discussion will follow.

If you would like to read more about Open Dialogue, see this guide to more information about Open Dialogue on the web.

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  • My son is beginning to develop symptomes of schizophrenia and lives in Eugene is there anyone there practicing open dialogues therepy


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