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Psychedelic Drugs, Psychosis, and Spiritual Awakening

What are the relationships between the experiences caused by psychedelic drugs, and those we call “psychosis?” And what are the relationships between both those types of experiences, and experiences that seem to be a “spiritual awakening?”

There may be a number of answers to those questions. Many different perspectives were shared and discussed at an conference, titled Psychedelics, Madness, & Awakening: Harm Reduction and Future Visions. This conference was held January – April 2021, and the recorded videos can be found on the website (click on the “schedule” tab, then select a panel, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the videos.)

I was one of the panelists, I talked about ‘Revolution Within the Mind: A Common Factor in Psychedelic Experience, Madness, and Spiritual Awakening.’ Check out the video:

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