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Share Ideas about How to Help with “Psychosis,” in Warsaw & New Jersey

I have enjoyed being a member of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Pyschosis (ISPS) and want to alert all of you to the opportunity to present your ideas at, or just attend, some important conferences they will be putting on later this year.

The first of these will be in Warsaw, August 22-25.  It is titled “Best practice in the psychological therapies for psychosis: A contemporary and global perspective”.  Anyone who wants to present needs to submit their proposal by March 10, details about how to do that are available here.

The second conference, for the US chapter of ISPS, will be October 4-6 in New Brunswick, New Jersey The keynote Speaker will be Debra Lampshire, Experience-based expert, Senior Tutor at the University of Auckland, and Project Manager for Auckland District Health Board in New Zealand.  Honorees: Marius Romme, MD, PhD and Sandra Escher, MPhil, PhD, Researchers, authors, founders of the international Hearing Voices Movement.

If you are not an ISPS-US member and would like to receive details on how to apply to be a presenter at the ISPS-US conference, email Karen Stern at with your name, email address and/or mailing address.  Proposals will be due March 31, 2013.

It is my understanding that some more progressive people see ISPS as too conservative, while the mainstream tends to see ISPS as too extremely psychological and humanistic!  Overall I think it is a good place for the meeting up of ideas, and I hope some of you can get involved.

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  • As a concerned parent, I send you this blog to voice my concern as a parent of a young adult with many challenges. My heartfelt opinions are included !!


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