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Mindfulness and Voices, How Voices are like Potatoes, and a Voice with its own Facebook Page

I just listened to a couple of interesting youtube videos by Rufus May on alternative approaches to voice hearing.  It gets to a bit of a slow start, but then really gets amazing, especially the story of how he helped one voice hearer get from feeling persecuted by a voice intent on killing her to having a very friendly and cooperative relationship with the voice, to the extent that she now allows the voice to have its own facebook page, and the voice is a valuable ally to her.

It also covers the essentials of how mindfulness can be used to “cook” the raw energy of an emotion like anger or of a voice, so that the emotion or voice, once cooked, becomes like a cooked potato that now can offer some nutrition or assistance.

Rufus May – Part 1 – Living Mindfully with Voices – Hearing Voices – November 8, 2012 – Copenhagen and Rufus May – Part 2 – Living Mindfully with Voices –

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