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Do your part to get a voice hearer on TED Talks in California!

Eleanor Longden was once led to believe she should resign herself to a life of being a “schizophrenic” and that recovery wasn’t something worth considering.  Now she is still a voice hearer, but rather than let that define her as “ill,” she is a practicing psychologist and a leader in bringing new approaches to the voice hearing experience.

Recently, Eleanor was invited to speak at at TEDxLondon.  You can view what she said at;TEDLondon.

How you can help:  please consider rating her presentation and leaving some feedback! Talks with the highest ratings will be invited to give extended presentations at TED 2013 in California, so this would be a great opportunity for spreading the word that people can learn how to handle their voices and that we need some new approaches.

You can find out more about Eleanor here or listen to an extended interview of her on Madness Radio.


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