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Hearing Voices News

Here’s this from Hearing Voices USA:

We are pleased to announce that – in honor of World Hearing Voices Day
– the Hearing Voices Network USA has chosen today, Wednesday,
September 14th 2011 to officially launch our website at  We are joining countries across the world -
including Australia, Greece, England, Wales, Denmark, the Netherlands
and more – in finding a way to recognize this important date and
celebrating the diversity of our human experiences.

Meanwhile, Ron Coleman, a voice hearer who long ago ceased being a psychiatric patient and became a leader of the hearing voices movement instead, will be doing another tour of the United States in October.  One place he will be is Ann Arbor Michigan, where he will be doing a 2 day seminar October 10-11, 2011.  I hear there is still plenty of room for anyone who is interested.

He will also be doing a one day seminar here in Eugene Oregon, on October 19, 2011, sponsored by LaneCare.


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