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Presentation by Ron Coleman and Paul Baker

Hugh Massengil shot video of Ron Coleman and Paul Baker giving a presentation at the LILA Peer Support Club in Eugene, Oregon on November 14, 2010. This includes Ron telling his story (starting on the second video.) Ron at one point was what some might call a “sad case of chronic schizophrenia” – a man who had spent 6 of the last 10 years locked up in a hospital, very “low functioning” even when out of hospital, disheveled, typically food in his scraggly beard, cigarette burns all up his arms, a person with little to say to anyone. Now he is a powerful public speaker with an international reputation, as well as a married man with children and a farm on an island in Scotland.

This video could be useful for professionals, voice hearers, and friends and family! Very impressive to anyone not totally familiar with recovery or the hearing voices movement.

First video:
Second Video:
Third video:
Fourth video:
Fifth video:

Ron Unger

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  • Thanks for posting these links Ron. Sorry I didn’t respond to your invitation to attend in person. This is the next best thing 🙂

  • I think this presentation was really helpful. Ron Coleman brought out some important points about his experience with the “hearing voices movement” that were really important to me. The way of thinking in this group of people is so refreshing! Ron’s experience offers hope. Thanks again for posting the links.


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