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If you are new to this site, Questions and Answers about Recovery can be a good place to start!

Videos on CBT for and Related Approaches for Psychosis Length 8:41 – A role play, Dr. Turkington normalizes the experience of hearing voices.  Length 5:44  A role play of a behavioral experiment on thought reading – Allison Brabban is the therapist. A role play exploring the antecedents of a delusional belief – when John the Baptist got his mission – Doug Turkington role plays the client.  Length 7:19

Engaging with voices using a compassion focused approach – a series of 15 videos, discussion and role plays

Compassion for Voices – 5 minute video This site has a series of role play videos outlining the phases of CBT for psychosis.

Dr. Kingdon plays the therapist in a series of 3 role plays working with the same client, a person with paranoia.  Each one builds on the one before.  They are (length 8:20) then (which explores a traumatic incident, length 7:35) then  (length 9:34) David Kingdon plays the therapist is a role play, length 33 minutes, models using worksheets within CBT & Solution-focused therapy for psychosis” Doug Turkington role plays exploring and normalizing hearing voices with a client.  Length 7:17 Doug Turkington plays the therapist in a role play with a client concerned about surveillance.  Length 2:22 Assessing evidence for beliefs Length 3:55

A role play of assessment of thought broadcast and developing a maintenance formulation & then working out what to do  Length:  23:00 is Dr. Kingdon’s youtube channel, has a number of short lectures on different aspects of psychosis and CBT approaches to each. has a number of recorded webinars on what family members can learn and use from CBT, presented by Doug Turkington.  There are role plays within the webinars.