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Tips for Finding a Therapist for Psychosis

In the Eugene Springfield area:

  • If you have the Oregon Health Plan, you could seek therapy at Center for Family Development.  Any therapist they assign you will be able to consult with me about how to help you.

In the Portland Oregon area:

Anywhere in the United States:

  • There are a number of programs to offer early intervention for young people especially in the first year or two after they start experiencing problems like psychosis.  They vary some in eligibility criteria as well as the quality of the program, but are worth checking out.  You can locate what is available near you by going to
  • ISPS-US is a membership organization of people interested in providing psychological and social help for psychosis.  Only some of the members are therapists, but any of the members might be able to tell you who the competent therapists in your area may be.  To find the members in your area, go to this link and click on “advanced search” to input your city or state.
  • Another possibility is to go to Psychology Today and click on “find a therapist.”  Click on the “issues” tab and then select “psychosis.”  This will at least help you find therapists who have some interest and comfort level in working with people experiencing psychosis.
  • The North American CBT for Psychosis Network has a goal of offering listings for therapists across the US who offer CBT for psychosis – but unfortunately as of January 2024 that is not yet available!  Check back later at that link….


A couple of people I know who provide online help across the US and even internationally: