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Consultation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Psychosis

Successful implementation of CBT for psychosis is more likely when there is access to consultation.  Consultation can help therapists solve difficult problems when they emerge, and can greatly increase the likelihood that newly learned procedures are actually implemented rather than forgotten or discarded due to confusion about how to practice them.  In the best case, consultation is regularly available especially for the first 6 months of implementation.

I (Ron Unger) am a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing CBT for psychosis since 2003, working with individuals and groups, and also (since 2006) providing consultation and sometimes supervision to therapists practicing CBT for psychosis.  I have also been providing continuing education seminars in CBT for psychosis since 2005.

Individual Consultations:

I am available to provide consultation to clinicians interested in practicing CBT for psychosis.  For those who live at a distance, this service is available over the telephone or Zoom.  Rates are $99 for a 50 minute session, or $749 for ten 50 minute sessions.

Groups within an agency:

If a number of clinicians at your agency are beginning to practice CBT for psychosis, one very affordable option is to arrange for a group of them to consult with me.   This allows clinicians new to this practice to learn both from each other and from the consultation.  Rates for groups are the same as for individual consultations.

Contact Information:

If interested, please contact me at 541-513-1811, or email to