Testimonials from Previous Attendees for Trainings on Therapy for Psychosis with Ron Unger LCSW:

“Thank you! My perspective on psychosis has changed. I was trained in the psychiatric/medical model and I now see psychosis in a different light! ”

“Meaty exceptional material, very engaging and enjoyable. I have had some CBT training but this is by far the best approach that is person centered and offers real promise in being helpful! I actually looked forward to each lecture with a sense of anticipation and discovery.”

“Being a therapist and supervisor who wants to expose other therapists and students to CBTp, this is a great place to start. Ron describes and explains the elements of person-centered psychotherapy and CBTp quite well, giving a good foundation for interested students and practitioners to build upon…… Nicely done.”

“After 5 year working in mental health, first as a case manager, then therapist, finally a program manager I wish I had taken this class at the beginning of my career. Anyone working with patients with psychosis in any capacity should take this course to learn to be more helpful, understanding, and less abrasive. So glad I finally found this and will be recommending it to everyone to whom it’s applicable.”

“Ron Unger provides an insightful and multi-dimensional view of working from a cognitive behavioral perspective with those who struggle with strained reasoning and or serious “mental illness”. He provides clear interventions from the CBT perspective and the role playing videos are helpful and entertaining. Highly recommended to all interested in helping people “RECOVER”!”

“I love the direct approach of the presenter and that he uses easy to follow language without jargon. He presents the material with an invite for the student to appreciate but doesn’t seem dogmatic. This is refreshing and conducive to making a person want to watch and learn more!”

“As a young Psychologist entering the profession, I felt that the course provided me with excellent overview on working with individuals with psychosis, and flexibility in adapting my existing skills to work with these individuals. I was particularly impressed by the nonjudgmental, accepting attitude that Ron portrayed regarding psychosis, as well as the use of normalization techniques. Furthermore, I really appreciated the person-centered, empathetic and compassionate stance that Ron reinforced throughout the course. Overall, I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons regarding work with individuals with psychosis, and would like to further my training to augment my skills further.”